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  • COE Space Allocation Forms

Based on the descriptions below please select the most appropriate Space Allocation Form option for your request.

Should you have questions regarding space allocation, please contact the College of Engineering’s Space Planning and Optimization Committee at coe_space@udel.edu.

Should you have questions regarding the Space and Allocation Form, please contact Dawn Arnold (dawn@udel.edu) or Laura Mohr (lmohr@udel.edu).

Add New Space : Select this category when faculty or departmental space is being requested. The new space that is being requested may either be known or unknown, and may or may not require renovations. This request will require approval from the SPOC.

Renovation of Existing Space : Select this category when a faculty member or department would like to make a modification to an existing space. This is for renovations only. This request will require approval from the SPOC.

Change in Room Owner : Select this category primarily, when intra-department space changes are being made (i.e. Employee X switches offices with Employee Y). If an intra-department change involves a lab please provide details in the Comment sections as this will require the approval from the SPOC. Please use this form to notify the SPOC that a lab/office is VACANT or may be POTENTIALLY VACANT (i.e. Faculty Y has retired therefore lab/office is VACANT).

Note: These forms will not be used for new faculty hire space requests. The faculty new hire space determination will be handled via hiring process with the SPOC, Dean, Sr. Business Officer, Facilities Manager and the hiring Department Chair.