Human Resources

Human Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions regarding employee payroll and employee data which includes leave and personal information updates.

We will continue to update and add to this section as needed, and welcome any suggestions you may have.


What are the current Payroll Deadlines?
Current Payroll Deadlines can be found at the following link:

How can I change my W-4, tax withholding amount or direct deposit information?
This information can be changed by submitting a web form.  There is a specific form for each category.
What is the process when an individual is overpaid?
The HR Liaison should be contacted regarding the correct amount of the compensation, and they will process the necessary form.
How do I request a duplicate W-2?
The request form for a duplicate W-2 is:

Coming July 2020: UD WorkForce, a new system for time and attendance.

Learn More About UD WorkForce.

Employee Data

Who is my department Human Resources Liaison?

  • Tyrese Cason is the HR Liaison for Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, and the Dean’s Administrative Staff.
  • Kimberly Willams is the HR Liaison for Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Information Sciences



How do I reset my password for the UD Central Authentication Service?

Go to “My UD Settings” (link below) and follow the instructions.

How do I submit a Request for Leave?

The submission of a Request for Leave web form is required for any type of leave taken such as vacation, sick leave, jury duty, bereavement, etc.  In web forms, click the Blanks tab, select the Request for Leave form.  After selecting the Category of leave, enter the Start Date (first day of leave) and End Date (last day of leave – not the return date), and then enter the total amount of time of the leave in hours or days.  (NOTE:  Separate forms are required for non-consecutive workday requests.)  Next select your supervisor’s Email Address as the Approver (Role) at the bottom of the form.

Coming July 2020: UD WorkForce, a new system for time and attendance. Learn More About UD WorkForce.

How can I obtain my Vacation/Sick Leave balance information?
From the web views menu, select “Time Off Balance View.”
How can I modify a Request for Leave web form?
From the web views menu, select “Time Off Balance View.”  Your most recent leave requests will be listed.  Click on the “modify” button next to the request to be modified.
How can I change my contact information?
Contact information such as address and phone number can be changed by the employee by editing the Employee Emergency Notification Form (web forms).
How can I change my work location (office/room # or building)?
Please contact your HR department liaison for assistance.
How can I obtain a UD ID card for a non-benefitted employee?
Miscellaneous Wage Employees:  The department administrator should submit a Department ID Request Form (web form).

Visitors (Scholars, Faculty, Professionals):  The ID is obtain through the onboarding process. Please contact Rebecca Gregan (