Inclusive Teaching

These six modules introduce evidence-based teaching and mentoring practices that support an inclusive climate. They were developed by a faculty learning community within the College of Engineering at the University of Delaware. The modules were originally disseminated to all UD College of Engineering departments via a series of six 10-minute presentations at faculty meetings in spring and fall 2019. Each module consists of evidence or a theoretical basis for the topic, including relevant literature, as well as practical teaching and mentoring tips that could be applied when interacting with undergraduate and graduate students. In addition, each module has a summary handout. Pre- and post-surveys were administered to participants at the start and conclusion of the series to measure perceived effectiveness of the modules, faculty self-efficacy in teaching engineering, and faculty self-efficacy in culturally responsive classroom management.

Funding: University of Delaware Center for Teaching and Assessment of Learning

Contributors: Prof. Jenni Buckley (Mechanical Engineering), Prof. Josh Enszer (Chemical Engineering), Prof. Sheldon Hewlett (Materials Science & Engineering), Prof. Julie Maresca (Civil & Environmental Engineering), Prof. Sarah I. Rooney (Biomedical Engineering), and Prof. S. Ismat Shah (Materials Science & Engineering and Physics)

These modules can be cited as:

Rooney SI, Enszer JA, Maresca JA, Shah SI, Hewlett SA, Buckley JM. Faculty Development Mini-Modules on Evidence-Based Inclusive Teaching and Mentoring Practices in Engineering. 127th Annual Conference of the American Society for Engineering Education, 2020. 

Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Inclusivity 101

Module 3: Implicit Bias

Module 4: Mindset

Module 5: Teamwork

Link to handout (.pdf)
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Module 6: Interactions with Peers and Faculty