Computer Purchases

Computer Purchases

Computer Purchases

The IT staff will be glad to assist you by providing guidance in the purchase a new PC. Please submit a Service Request.

Quick note about software:
The university has site licenses for several popular software packages that you are allowed to install on your UD-owned PCs and laptops with no cost to you. You no not have to purchase MS Office, Adobe Acrobat Professional and Anti-virus software for your UD-owned PC.


UD offers discounts for both Dell and Apple computers. For more information, please visit UD’s institutional computer purchasing page:

There are pre-configured PCs on the Dell page for the College of Engineering.


Warranties are not for every PC. They are a lot like insurance, it costs more until you need it. Many vendors only offer 30 day or 60 day warranties, and we would recommend caution buying any PC with such limited support.

Some guidelines on what warranties to get:

1 year on site next business day: Low end desktops, and budget laptops are a good choice for these cheaper warranties. Please note however, some laptop repairs will cost more then a new laptop.

3 or 4 year on site next business day: Higher end more costly computers that you need to last for a long time.

Any mail in warranty service: Any PC that you don’t mind mailing back to the vendor for support. We do not recommend this service because often you are without your computer for a longer period of time, and your data often gets mailed away with the computer.