College Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

Procurement, Credit Card & Travel Policy Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Why does the College have a separate policy when there are existing UD policies for procurement, credit cards and travel already in place?

By having a college-level policy, we can provide clarity where the UD policy is vague or silent to address changing processes and standards in the areas of procurement, UD credit cards and travel. College-level policies are reviewed on an annual basis whereas UD policies are typically updated much less frequently (currently those noted have latest revisions in July 2018).

Question 2: What types of purchases require prior approval from my Department Business Administrator, Department Chair or college-level leadership?

  • When hosting external business guests, alcohol purchases above the stated limit in policy must have a robust business justification and be approved by the Department Chair or Department Business Administrator and submitted with the appropriate expense report in Concur.
  • Internal business-related meals involving faculty, staff or students that exceed the local Newark GSA/IRS meal per diem limitations must have approval from Department Business Administrator. This approval should be attached and submitted with the appropriate expense report in Concur.
  • Expenses for one (1) annual holiday event and celebratory receptions for service recognition, awards, recruitment and retirement functions require the approval from the COE Dean or Chief Financial & Administration Officer before the event occurs. If expenses for these events will include alcohol, those expenses must also be noted, and approvals obtained by the COE Dean or Senior Business Officer and submitted with appropriate expense report in Concur.

Question 3: Why do the types of expenses noted above need additional approvals?

The spirit of COE policies is grounded in spending University funds responsibly and in good stewardship of the College’s resources. Spending University funds above the stated COE policy guidelines requires review and approval by either Department- or College-level leadership depending on the scenarios stated above. This policy aligns with similar guidelines and best practices at large, research-intensive universities.

Question 4:  Are there any exclusions when hosting external business guests to stated limits?

Yes. Meals and entertainment related to recruitment or seminar speakers have additional flexibility. These activities should be discussed in advance with your respective Department Chair or Department Business Administrator to understand specific budgets for hosting these outings. When submitting this type of expense, a robust business justification and comment are required to be made in Concur to provide the details to approvers responsible for reviewing these transactions.

Question 5:  Are Concur travel requests required?

Yes. Travel requests in Concur are required and must be attached to submitted travel expense reports. Travel requests should be compiled as soon as you know you will be traveling for UD business. Travel requests are cost estimates for your upcoming trip and should include expenses such as:

  • Conference registration fees.
  • Fares for travel by air or train travel and other transportation costs.
  • Hotel and lodging.
  • Meals OR per diem.

Once your travel request is approved, you may submit multiple travel expense reports related to that trip to stay within policy requirements of timely expense submission.  By completing the travel request before you travel, it ensures that UD can meet its Duty of Care requirements for audit compliance.

Published February 2023