Racism, Diversity, and Inclusion Discussions

The College monthly discussion series on racism, diversity, and inclusion will continue this spring. As before, they will be facilitated by Adam Foley of the Office of Equity and Inclusion, and will be accompanied by some questions, short readings, and/or videos to consider ahead of time. The theme for the semester is Keep the momentum going. All faculty, post-docs, and staff are invited. Open, honest, and respectful discussion is encouraged. Mark your calendars for the dates below.

January 27th, 10a-11a
Questions. What is one social justice-related goal you have for yourself this spring? What are you reading/watching right now that is helping to inform that goal area?
• How to be a social justice advocate in 2021 (even when you aren’t sure where to begin!)
• Setting goals for authenticity and accountability in allyship and toward racial justice
• Be a Better Ally

February 24th, 10a-11a
Questions: What are the arguments against diversity and inclusion efforts at the University? What do they get right? What do they get wrong?
• Is Diversity an Enemy of Excellence?
• Diversity and Inclusiveness (D&I) – A Bridge Too Far?
• 5 Lies About Racial Diversity In The Workplace You Need To Stop Believing

March 31st, 10a-11a
Question. What is one intervention aimed at improving diversity and inclusion in a university or in your community that you like or don’t like? Find one proposed in the College, at UD (Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Antiracism Initiative), at another university (google “diversity and inclusion” and any other university), or in your community (e.g., Newark, Delaware YWCA). Why do you like or dislike it?

April 28th, 1p-2p
Questions. It’s time for a semester reflection as we near the end of the school year. Where are we still having social justice/anti-racism conversations? Where have voices disappeared? How are you progressing towards your personal social justice goal you set in January?
• The Growth of Higher Educators for Social Justice
• Social Justice in Education: The Role Educational Leaders Play

May 26th, 10a-11a
Question. Let’s talk about summer reading and watching lists! What do you have planned for the summer to further your knowledge and action around social justice?
• Everyone bring 1-2 recommendations to share with the rest of the group (could be things you’ve already read as well and want to share with others)

For all discussions:
Zoom link: https://udel.zoom.us/j/91955366748
Phone one-tap (US): +13017158592,,91955366748#